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Series: Woodcutter Sisters

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I loved Enchanted so much! I thought it was a fantastic story. It was sweet and charming, cute and complicated, quirky, beautiful, and romantic. Kontis was so clever with the way she effortlessly weaved familiar fairytales with original aspects to make a truly interesting story. I loved all of the wonderful characters because each had a unique personality and played an important part in the story.

I really loved the unconventional romance between Rumbold and Sunday. Rumbold begins this tale as a frog, but he somehow manages to make Sunday fall in love with him despite this. Later, as a man, Rumbold attempts to make Sunday fall in love with him all over again.

I can't wait to continue reading this magical and romantic series with the next book, Hero, which will be released on October 1, and will feature Sunday's sister, Saturday, and a pirate ship! The third book in this series Beloved, features Friday and will be released in 2014.

Have you started reading this series yet? Does this sound like something you would enjoy reading as much as I did?

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  1. OOh nice! I need to read Enchanted soon!! There's some sort of one day conference in October that I planned on going too--authors against bullying--but Althea was going to be there, so I thought yay!

  2. i loved Enchanted. I can't wait for HERO


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