February Recap and March TBR

The month of February was a real weather bitch. It's now the 2nd of March and we were supposed to get 6-8 inches of snow today, but it hasn't happened so far. Just an inch or so of icey, snowy yuk. So March sucks already. Screw you weather. Screw you! I'm going to grab a cup of coffee from my new Kuerig and eat some cookies while I watch the snow accumulate. I always feel so bad for my poor wiener. He freezes his little wanker off out in the snow. We bought him a plaid fleece jacket to wear outside, and now my husband calls him Larry the Cable Guy. We've had several rounds of snow this winter that are taller than him, so my husband always has to shovel a path around the yard. It's pretty comical because it's usually a circle, so he goes in and then just goes around and around until he finds his spot. Right now he's just sliding around out there on the ice. Not fun at all. Oh, and school has already been cancelled for tomorrow. Fun times all around!

Read in February:

 photo SomethingReal_zps6674c6c2.jpg photo LadyThief_zps6628a835.jpg
 photo BetterOffFriends_zpsf59c6f88.jpg photo DeceivingLies_zpse4ccda41.jpg photo BrightBeforeSunrise_zps5db57a88.jpg

Total Pages Read: 1632

March TBR:

 photo MafiaGirl_zps28a98094.jpg photo TheSummerIFoundYou_zps513d152d.jpg photo LivForever2_zps4cce8bec.jpg
 photo TheEdgeOfFalling_zpsc29b1919.jpg photo Salvage_zps8a957ab5.jpg photo TheLastForever_zps4f78135d.jpg

That's my reading list for another month! Looks like a great mix for March. What are you reading this month?

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