March Recap and April TBR

I really surprised myself with how much I was able to read in March. I haven't read that many books in quite a while! And, as usual, I suck at keeping track of books for my challenges. I really need to get better at that. Of course, if I had more time in my day I could get more things done. Too bad I require sleep.

In my recap last month I discussed the crappy snow we were expecting. It's officially Spring, so right now as I am typing this, we are dealing with thunderstorms and Tornado Warnings. AND they interrupted all but the final minute of American Idol. Grrr.... I may be heading to the basement soon. Fun times. Rain, rain, go away....

Read in March:

 photo MafiaGirl_zps28a98094.jpg photo TheSummerIFoundYou_zps513d152d.jpg photo LivForever2_zps4cce8bec.jpg
 photo TheEdgeOfFalling_zpsc29b1919.jpg photo TheLastForever_zps4f78135d.jpg
 photo LoveMeBack_zps77f04daf.jpg photo Unfamiliar_zps0e0477b3.jpg photo CapturingPeace_zpsd8f776fb.jpg

Total pages read: 2244

April TBR:

 photo FarFromYou_zps896234fa.jpg photo ThereWillComeATime_zpsd13cef71.jpg photo OpenRoadSummer_zps6c96a17f.jpg
 photo TheLastBestKiss_zps9ec03644.jpg photo TheHunt_zpsd2798ed4.jpg photo TheTreatment_zps4543ff80.jpg

Looks like I have another month full of awesome books to read! I'm really excited for some of these. AND I have 3 April releases on reserve from the library. I don't know if they'll be in by the end of the month, but I can't wait to read those too.


  1. You read some great books! I really liked Liv, Forever. I am looking forward to reading The Hunt and Far From You soon.

    1. I really enjoyed Liv, Forever too. I just finished reading The Hunt, and oh that ending! I hope you enjoy it also.

  2. You have some great books on your TBR for April. The Treatment was a fabulous conclusion to The Program and I can't wait to read Far From You! Happy reading!

    1. Oh crap, I'm so used to trilogies that I assumed The Program was a trilogy too! I'm actually excited to know this is only a duology. I've got to get to reading it.


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