June Recap and July TBR

I only read 4 books in June because I was trying to chill out and take it easy so I wouldn't get burned out on reading and reviewing. I only have 4 books scheduled to read in July, and although I am looking forward to reading them, I should still have another good month of my mental break, and time to read some books just for me. Yay!

Read in June:

 photo FanArt_zps1d11e4d4.jpg photo scandal_zpsd2ead468.jpg photo SharingYou_zps8eecb3d6.jpg photo OnTheFence_zpsb978bc9c.jpg

Reviews posted in June:

July TBR:

 photo DreamBoy_zps336eaab8.jpg photo ThroughToYou_zps2825f284.jpg photo Sinner_zps21c97440.jpg photo BeforeYou_zps2d9aa17d.jpg

Since I'm not reading as much, I am trying to catch up on my reviews. I have quite a few already written and scheduled, so again, YAY ME!

I'm still plugging away at my Etsy store. I make and list new items daily.
Here are a few new cutesy things from this week:


  1. #scandal and On the Fence are ones I really want to read. I'm hoping to read Sinner this month, too!

    1. I am SO nervous about reading Sinner because I really didn't like the ending of Forever. Well, also there were times when I liked Cole, and times when I really didn't. So... I hope I enjoy it.


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