Christmas Movies!

I've been going a little overboard on watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel. Too many movies, not enough time! With Christmas only a week away, I've checked out Hallmark's schedule, and you still have time to catch all of these movies and enjoy.

I've watched the following movies more than once... which means I enjoy them and highly recommend. I don't do sappy and over emotional or preachy, so these movies might be a little on the fluffy side. I say Fluff is good.

The movie I have watched the most times this year is..... Window Wonderland. LOVE! It's so cute and adorable and I love the characters! The storyline is reminiscent of Mannequin, without the part where the mannequins come to life. Who wouldn't love that?

I adore the brothers SO much in Christmas With Holly, which is a nice, heartwarming story.

A Bride For Christmas is really cute. I like Jessie because she has a lot of spunk, and I think her dad is hilarious. Also, Jessie's sister plays the lead in The Nine Lives of Christmas. Which I should tell you is nothing like the book. Well, except for the cat. But the cat doesn't play matchmaker in the movie. The movie is pretty cute though, so give it a chance.

Naughty or Nice is a fun movie. And totally worth watching to see Kyle XY. I seriously didn't realize it was him until my daughter pointed it out. Funny thing is, neither one of us has ever watched Kyle XY. The main character, Hilarie Burton, is also in a new movie this year, Christmas on the Bayou. It was okay, not very Christmasy feeling, but worth watching to get an eyeful of Tyler Hilton. Just sayin'.

A Very Merry Mix-Up is cute enough, even though it's not plausible. So suspend your disbelief and enjoy it for what it is. Same goes for Snow Bride, which is enjoyable but not very realistic.

I watched Christmas Cupid on Netflix. It's pretty cute, and Christina Milian is fun to watch.

12 Dates of Christmas was another cute and fun Netflix watch.

New for me this year was Angels and Ornaments, which was pretty good and very heartwarming. The Christmas Parade was okay, but I was distracted by how much makeup was piled on AnnaLynne McCord.

Christmas Movie Overload!!! I hope you get the chance to watch some of these movies, and if you have any recommendations be sure to leave me a comment!


  1. You should watch Love and the Thanksgiving Parade it's really sweet

  2. A favorite Christmas movie of mine is Hallmark's A Season for Miracles.


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