Review: So Cute It Hurts!!, Vol. 2 by Gō Ikeyamada

So Cute It Hurts!!, Vol. 2So Cute It Hurts!!, Vol. 2 by Gō Ikeyamada

Publication Date: August 4, 2015
Page Count: 192
Published by: VIZ Media LLC
Source: Library

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Kobayashi Mitsuru and Kobayashi Megumi are twin brother and sister, with identical faces but radically different personalities: while Mitsuru is a confident charmer who wins the hearts of dozens of girls, Megumi is an average otaku who is in love with a virtual hero. Yet, the two's lives start to turn upside down after Mitsuru and Megumi switch roles...

A complicated love story starts!

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I'll admit that my first attempt at reading Manga didn't go over so well. But that was totally my fault and had nothing to do with the book itself. However, I am happy to say that I finally picked up the 2nd book in this series and had a MUCH better time with it! The story was really easy to get into, and I was soon turning pages and rooting for the twins to get their man (and woman)!

The first book jumped around between the two siblings so much that I couldn't keep anything straight (like who was who.) This time the story focuses mainly on Megumi (who is dressed as her brother) and Sanada, her love interest at the all boys school, so it was much easier to follow.

All of the characters are really likable, but of course Sanada is my favorite! I'm thinking it's the eye patch that does it for me. Several of the characters have their sexuality come into play, all caused by the role reversal between the twins. I also found it interesting that one of the characters uses Japanese sign language to communicate.

Just like the title implies, this story is super cute and fun. There was a major character reveal about halfway through, and I loved the way the twins' reactions were drawn. Overall, the story was a bit predictable, but I really enjoyed the comedy, romance, and drama. The cliffhanger ending came just as major plot points were revealed! I already have Volume 3 and I can't wait to read it.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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  1. Cool! Glad you didn't give up pre-emptively. I'm only barely interested in Anime, I don't know if I would like manga. I find it kind of hard to read black and white comics, especially when the panels are as densely packed and full of cultural symbols for action that are unfamiliar and overwhelming. Maybe I should pick up a book at the library and try again...


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