April 2018 Recap and May 2018 TBR

I had another lovely month of reading some really great books! I've been getting my Bluewater Bay series from Hoopla via my library. Same for the Cut & Run series and the Sidewinder series. I can only borrow 7 books per month, so I have to choose wisely. And I did more rereads of Josh Lanyon, because I can never have too much Josh Lanyon!

Read in April 2018

Stars & Stripes (Cut & Run #6) by Abigail Roux
Shake & Bake (Cut & Run #6.5) by Abigail Roux
Touch & Geaux (Cut & Run #7) by Abigail Roux

Shock & Awe (Sidewinder #1) by Abigail Roux
Wedding Favors (Bluewater Bay #7) by Anne Tenino
Outside the Lines (Bluewater Bay #22) by Anna Zabo

The Dark Horse (The Dark Horse #1) by Josh Lanyon
The White Knight (The Dark Horse #2) by Josh Lanyon
For A Good Time, Call... (Bluewater Bay #17) by Anne Tenino and E.J. Russell

In a Dark Wood (In A Dark Wood #1) by Josh Lanyon
The Parting Glass (In A Dark Wood #2) by Josh Lanyon
The Boy Next Door by Josh Lanyon

In Plain Sight by Josh Lanyon
Murder Between the Pages by Josh Lanyon
Hide And Kill (Boys of Lake Cliff #4) by K. Sterling

There's Something About Ari (Bluewater Bay #2) by L.B. Gregg
The Shipwreck (Lavender Shores #4) by Rosalind Abel
The Hideaway (Lavender Shores #5) by Rosalind Abel

Murder in Pastel by Josh Lanyon

May 2018 TBR:

Cupcake Explosion (Cupcakes #4) by Bethany Lopez
Love on the Outskirts of Town (Pine Harbour #7) by Zoe York

Cupcakes is the only M/F series I've been reading recently. It's a fun series.

This Pine Harbor book synopsis has pissed me off from the first time I read it. 3 years before they meet, she slept with his brother (and almost tried to tell the brother that the baby was his!) They meet here for the first time, but ew, Ick factor, and not something I want to support. But how can I read the entire series and stop at book #7? I'm so torn!!

Fair Game (All's Fair #1) by Josh Lanyon
Fair Play (All's Fair #2) by Josh Lanyon
Fair Chance (All's Fair #3) by Josh Lanyon

I'm looking forward to finally getting around to reading the All's Fair series by Josh Lanyon.

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  1. Wow, you got an impressive amount of reading done in April. I only read 2 books. I hope you’re having a great May and getting through your TBR!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!


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