Review: I Buried a Witch (Bedknobs and Broomsticks #2) by Josh Lanyon

Published November 30th 2019 by Josh Lanyon
Genre: M/M, Paranormal, Romance


Something old, something new, something borrowed…something blacker than the darkest night.

Cosmo Saville adores his new husband, but his little white lies—and some very black magic—are about to bring his fairytale romance to an end. Someone is killing San Francisco's spellcasters—and the only person Cosmo can turn to—the man who so recently swore to love and cherish him—isn't taking his phone calls.

The only magic Police Commissioner John Joseph Galbraith believes in is true love. Discovering he’s married to a witch—a witch with something alarmingly like magical powers—is nearly as bad as discovering the man he loved tricked and deceived him. John shoulders the pain of betrayal and packs his bags. But when he learns Cosmo is in the crosshairs of a mysterious and murderous plot, he knows he must do everything in in his mortal power to protect him.

Till Death do them Part. With their relationship on the rocks, Cosmo and Commissioner Galbraith join forces to uncover the shadowy figure behind the deadly conspiracy…

Can the star-crossed couple bring down a killer before the dark threat extinguishes true love’s flame?

I Buried a Witch is the second book in the smart and sexy Bedknobs and Broomsticks romantic gay mystery trilogy. If you like endearing characters, spell-binding conflict, and spooky, good fun, then you’ll love Josh Lanyon’s tale of a blue knight and his slightly wicked witch.

I Buried A Witch was another well written book from Josh Lanyon. I liked what was going on here with the world building and the character development. The first book was a bit of a blur with a lot of introductions, so I was happy to settle in with this one and just enjoy the story.

I was looking forward to getting to know John better, but he's still mostly a mystery to me. Except that he's very judgemental! Almost to the point of being unlikable. Oh well, Cosmo sure seems to love him, so I will at least give him a chance to redeem himself. We'll see. As for Cosmo, being a bit out of practice leaves him fumbling his way through some awkward and dangerous situations. I found myself liking him more and more as the book went on. Especially when he finally opened his eyes and saw his and John's relationship for what it really was. It was a bit of a reality check for Cosmo, but I think it was needed for him (and for the readers.)

So far, this series is working for me. It may not turn out to be my favorite Lanyon series, but it has potential. I like that the relationships and characters aren't perfect. It seems like a lot of changes are going to have to take place for things to work out. Especially if Cosmo and John are going to get an HEA.

Part of the mystery was solved by the end, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions! I can't wait to see how things turn out in the next book.

I received a copy from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating: 4 Stars

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