January Recap and February TBR

I can't believe that January is over already! Where has the month gone? Surprisingly, I'm actually right on track with my Goodreads goal for this year. It averages out to a little over 6 books per month, so I think I can handle that, thank you very much.

I've read a few meh books in the past few months, and that always makes me sad. I'm not big on DNFing books, and they have to be really bad for me to not finish. I'm trying to be more selective with what I read, but somehow I still get stuck with stinkers. I *know* the main reason for this is because I don't read reviews before I read a book. I'm always worried that someone else's thoughts and feelings will sway me to feel the same way about a book. So I try to stay as review-free as possible on books that I know I'm going to read.

Read in January:

 photo MeAfterYou_zps29831bfe.jpg photo BeingSloaneJacobs_zpse2a5c5ec.jpg photo WhereYoullFindMe_zps67b5301e.jpg

 photo NoOneElseCanHaveYou_zpseae84872.jpg photo Heartbeat_zpsc24fff43.jpg photo ALittleTooHot_zps7fa24ad0.jpg

February TBR:

 photo SomethingReal_zps6674c6c2.jpg photo LadyThief_zps6628a835.jpg photo Stolen_zps7d2be3e5.jpg photo Vengeance_zps30aaebc7.jpg

 photo MeSinceYou_zpsf4de7785.jpg photo BrightBeforeSunrise_zps5db57a88.jpg photo BetterOffFriends_zpsf59c6f88.jpg

That's it for another month. Looks like I have some great reading coming up.

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  1. Bright Before Sunrise was pretty cute, and Better Off Friends was adorable! I hope you enjoy your February reads!! :)


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