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Inspired by features from The Sunday Post from Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer and Sunday Summary from Book Twirps.

Am I the only one who gets excited when I get pre-approved for awesome eArcs? Seriously, it makes me so darn happy. Now I just have to fit these in my already overloaded schedule. And read faster.

Received for Review:

 photo TheChapelWars_zps134f58a5.jpg

Thanks to Bloomsbury USA Childrens Books
This contemporary sounds really cute! A 16 year old inherits a wedding chapel on the Vegas Strip from her Grandpa, who wants her to run it with the help of the grandson of her family's mortal enemy.

 photo OpenRoadSummer_zps6c96a17f.jpg

Thanks to Bloomsbury USA Childrens Books
What's not to love about this one? Two besties, country music, and summertime. Oh, and a cute boy.

 photo Complicit_zps3cfaa7c3.jpg

Thanks to St. Martin's Griffin
I've had this one on my tbr since I read Charm & Strange. That was such an awesome book! Complicit sounds like it may be another dark and twisted story.

 photo OnTheFence_zpsb978bc9c.jpg
Thanks to HarperTeen

Kasie West! Bring it on! I think Kasie West may be an auto-read for me after how awesome The Distance Between Us was. I haven't had the chance to read Pivot Point yet, and Split Second comes out in a couple of days, so I'll have to check those out soon.

On The Blog This Week:

After I posted my review of No One Else Can Have You by Kathleen Hale, I started reading some of the 'reviews' on Goodreads. I had no idea about the love/hate thing going on with this book. It was definitely eye opening, and exactly the reason why I don't read reviews until after I've written my review. I can certainly understand some of the reasons why people DNF'd it, but the quirks and wackiness that made it so different is what I enjoyed.

Waiting On Wednesday (116) Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things to Mend by Katie Finn
I have a question for those of you who participate in WoW every week. Do you make a point of replying to comments on your WoW post, and do you visit all of the blogs that comment? More and more I am noticing that other blogs are not doing this. I am going to take this opportunity to throw this out there just to show how wacky I am. There are a certain number of blogs that I have commented on their WoW posts for over 2 years, yet they have never, ever, not even once replied to my comments, AND they have never commented on my WoW posts. Seriously. It got to a point where I was commenting just to be ornery and persistent, thinking my stubbornness would be noticed. And I always leave meaningful comments along with a link to my WoW. But guess what? I'm not doing it anymore. They can all kiss my ass. If that's how they want to be then I don't want them around here. I try to make a point of replying to all comments on my blog because I appreciate anyone who takes the time to visit me, and that is how I will continue to be in the future. I also enjoy visiting other blogs and seeing what everyone has going on.

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  1. You got some good books for review. I already wanted to read Open Road Summer but this is the first I've heard of The Chapel Wars. I'm adding it to my TBR. Haven't read any Kasie West yet, but I want to soon. I've heard Pivot Point is great, as I'm sure you have too.

    You make a good point about reviews in reference to No One Else Can Have You. The reviews I've read have kind of turned me off reading it, although I have read a couple of positive reviews. I'll probably still get to it someday, but when I'm looking for something to read next, I'm always going to be thinking about those reviews.

    I try to reply to all comments on my posts, and I definitely try to visit the blogs of everyone who left a comment. Sometimes I don't make it or sometimes I'm just really, really late. (I'm actually here because you commented on my last week's WoW.) Sometimes the comments they leave me -- and I can be just as guilty of this, too, sometimes -- are so generic that I don't bother replying on my blog...especially when the same person leaves almost the exact same comment *every* week. But I still visit their blogs and maybe can't find anything to say about their WoW -- a genre I don't read, the book doesn't appeal to me -- but I can usually find something to say on a different post.


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