Review: So Cute It Hurts!!, Vol. 1 by Gō Ikeyamada

So Cute It Hurts!!, Vol. 1So Cute It Hurts!!, Vol. 1 by Gō Ikeyamada

Publication Date: June 2, 2015
Page Count: 192
Published by: VIZ Media LLC
Source: Library

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Kobayashi Mitsuru and Kobayashi Megumi are twin brother and sister, with identical faces but radically different personalities: while Mitsuru is a confident charmer who wins the hearts of dozens of girls, Megumi is an average otaku who is in love with a virtual hero. Yet, the two's lives start to turn upside down after Mitsuru and Megumi switch roles...

A complicated love story starts!

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Since this was my first Manga, I really didn't know what to expect. I mostly enjoyed how simple and easy it was to read. It's definitely cute, but I felt it was a little too fast paced. I liked the twins and I enjoyed their adventures in cross dressing. I have to admit that there were times I was confused, mostly because the entire book is in black and white and I had a difficult time figuring out who was who. I'm sorry, but the characters looked SO much alike. Color would have definitely helped me a LOT. Also, I found it confusing whenever something CUTE happened with either twin, they were inexplicably drawn as small children. That aspect confused me tremendously.

I like Mitsuru and his growth as a character. He's a player and has no trouble getting girls to fall all over him. But when he forces his sister to trade places with him, he ends up interested in the one girl at school who he can't charm with pretty words. Meanwhile, Megumi is too shy to even talk to boys, but she ends up at her brother's all boys school! She bumps into a cute boy with an eye patch and falls instantly in love. Both siblings have to work at keeping their identities secret while attempting to hide their true feelings from their love interests. Hilarity ensues!

I've already borrowed the next volume in this series from the library. I'm looking forward to learning more about Megumi's love interest with the eye patch. I'll let you know if I like how the story is progressing.

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3 of 5 stars


  1. It takes some time to get used to Manga but once you do, they can be quite addicting. Your review has definitely piqued my interest, i'll totally check this one out.

    Great review :)
    Aparajita @Le' Grande Codex

    1. I've been wanting to read Manga, but I was looking for something cute and easy to follow. My library has all of the books so far in this series, so I decided to start with this. There's another series that sounds cute, but it's at volume 15 and my library only has the first 2, so I'm disappointed about that.

      I hope you like this if you decide to read it!

  2. I've been skeptical of diving into Manga for all the same sounds like reading it and following can be a bit of an artform in and of itself! I think it's interesting how artists use "chibi" style and other drawing techniques to make characters' moods and events reflected in the art style...even if they do come out looking like kids!

    1. Oh, some of the faces! Impossible to recognize even when I knew which character it was. The story was easy to follow along, but being in color would have made it easier for me.


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