Review: So Cute It Hurts!!, Vol. 4 and Vol. 5 by Gō Ikeyamada

Published December 1st 2015 by VIZ Media LLC
Source: Borrowed from Library

Synopsis for Volume 4:
Megumu’s life has gone from weird to wonderful—she no longer has to cross-dress as her brother, and her true love, Aoi, has asked her out on a date! It’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship, even if they have to stay two feet apart at all times or risk Aoi going into anaphylactic girl shock. Meanwhile, Mitsuru is back in his own clothes too, but he’s making war, not love! Can he defeat the school bully and win the hand of his sweetheart, Shino?!

Published February 2nd 2016 by VIZ Media LLC
Source: Borrowed from Library

Synopsis for Volume 5:
Things between Megumu and Aoi couldn’t be better! They’re even managing to navigate Aoi’s need to stay two feet away from women, and they go on some cute dates. But her twin brother Mitsuru’s love life isn’t going as smoothly. He’s fallen head over heels for Aoi’s sister Shino, but it looks like Shino’s heart belongs to someone else. Mitsuru’s used to fighting, but will he figure out how to fight for love?!

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Volumes 4 and 5 are full of more mushy cuteness (if you can stand it!) Aoi is getting cuter and cuter to me, and I really dig how chill he is while Megu is all gushy and girly. Aoi isn't able to physically demonstrate how much he likes Mego, so from the outside he seems like he just tolerates her behavior, but his own thoughts reveal just how much he adores her. Cue the hearts and flowers. {sigh} I like the strong, silent type (still waters run deep and all that.)

In Volume 5, Mitsuru begs his twin sister, Megu, to switch places with him again so he can figure out what's going on with the girl he likes, Shino. Mitsuru (posing as Megu) helps Shino find love with someone else, and ends the weird triangle between Mitsuru, Shino, and Azusa (mean girl). Azusa continues to summon Mitsuru into battle, and poor Mitsuru can't figure out that Azusa likes him! After spending more time together, Mitsuru realizes he is starting to fall for Azusa!

Meanwhile, when Megu shows up at the boys school posing at Mitsuru again, Aoi feels like he has to protect her from the other boys. Megu cheers for him at the school's sports day and he gets distracted by how cute she is. 6 months pass, a new school year starts, and Aoi and Megu are now able to be within a foot of each other. Two boys notice how cute Megu is now that she's in love. Aoi starts acting really weird about the attention Megu is getting until she points out that what he is feeling is jealousy. He doesn't like the feeling at all! Aoi becomes determined to work on his aversion to being close to women so he and Megu can finally be a real couple. Megu is pleased when she learns Aoi is committed to working on his problem.

There's a new dark and mysterious stranger that is teased towards the end of volume 5. I'm pretty sure I've figured out who he is, but his identity won't be revealed until volume 6.

I found both of these volumes to be really entertaining. I like how light and fun they are to read. The characters have really grown on me, and I like the way the story is heading. I just hope more starts happening soon because, while I like the cuteness, it's starting to get repetitious.

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4 Stars

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