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Q: What is the best book you've read in the last month? What is the worst book you've read in the last month?

The best book I have read in the past month would have to be Scarlet by A.C.Gaughen. Lots of action and great characters.

I have been reading a lot of crappy books lately. I have to stop trying to keep up with the latest hot books - they usually end up disappointing me. I still can't figure out why anyone would rate a book with 5 Jumping Fantastic Freakin' Stars and it turns out to be less than stellar to me. Does that happen to anyone else?

The worst book I have read in the past month is Illuminated by Erica Orloff. Which was my own choice to read, and it was less than what I expected.


  1. Scarlet looks sooooo good, so I'm super glad you enjoyed it! Illuminated was my worst read too! I was so disappointed with the story. Hope you have a happy friday :)

    Here's my FF!

  2. A great cover, have a good Friday!

  3. I really like the cover for Scarlet, so glad the book was a win for you too.

  4. Why oh why are the books with the pretty covers often the ones that aren't great?! That happened to me one too many times lol.
    Happy Friday. New NetworkedBlogs follower!

  5. Wow! Another person also chose Illuminated as their worst book! Scarlet looks intriguing!

    Here's my Friday Hops

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  6. Oh, I can't wait to read Scarlet! *-*

  7. Haven't read Scarlet but it looks good. I've seen Illuminated but it hasn't caught my attention enough to add it to my list! Thanks for the heads up though!
    Shellie @ Creative Reads


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