Deadly Little Lies (Touch #2) - Review

Deadly Little Lies (Touch, #2)Deadly Little Lies by Laurie Faria Stolarz

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3.5 Stars

Deadly Little Lies is very similar to the first book in the series. Camelia is still the narrator and it seems she has not learned from her previous experiences. I'd like to call her dumb, but that wouldn't be very nice.

From the beginning of Deadly Little Lies, Camelia is in danger. She obviously hasn't learned any self-preservation skills. And without Ben there to help 'protect' her, Camelia is in more danger than ever.

To add to the overall mystery of the book, we get to read journal entries from Camelia's aunt. Even though the journal entries do not tie in directly with the storyline, I believe they help set up the rest of the series. In reading the journal entries you can see the similarities between Camelia and her aunt.

Conveniently, along comes Adam, a new co-worker of Camelia's. He is charming and attractive and takes an instant liking to Camelia. Sound too good to be true? Then it probably is. Ben's wishy washy behavior does not make him more likable. He really runs hot and cold with Camelia, which predictably makes her turn to Adam.

Strange things continue to happen to Camelia. She doesn't know who to trust or who to turn to in her moments of need. By the end she is so confused. And Camelia and Ben are farther apart than ever.

This was another quick and easy read. It's a bit more suspenseful than the first book. The pacing is good and I (sort of) like the characters. Sadly there isn't much character development from the first book. I would like to think that once you've been through a traumatic event, you would learn how to deal with similar circumstances in the future. Camelia's reluctance to admit and face up to problems that arise only show her immaturity.

This really isn't that bad of a series. The writing is good, the pacing is good, the characters are likable but lack any real depth. I mostly have a problem with the fact that every boy/man that meets Camelia is attracted to her/has to have her. And that Camelia is written as a clueless, helpless female.

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