Oh. My. and other randomness...

Join me in looking at the pretty. *sigh* This deserves a really big OH. MY.

In the randomness department, I have recently picked up 3 books that were total duds. First was one I requested through NetGalley that I am about halfway through. The description on Goodreads calls it "fast-paced". Sheesh, it's sooo slow I want to take a nap every time I try to read it.

The second one I got from Amazon for $0.99 and it's getting pretty rave reviews on Goodreads. It's has Greek mythology in it and it's a huge mess. 21st century language,a love-sick Eros who was nicked by his own arrow, a whiny Psyche. There's no action or romance or anything that I want to keep reading this book for, and that's unfortunate.

AND I actually picked up a third book that managed to be a dud. But at least I finished reading it. I MADE myself finish it. It was boring and weird - told from 3 POVs. I'll be posting a review of this one.

Then finally FINALLY I picked up something that interests me!! How happy am I that I sent my husband to the library to pick up Cinder. Yay! I'm already on page 108. I like it so far.

And to leave you with another OH. MY. I give you this:


  1. Great picture :)

    What was the Greek Mythology book that wasn't very good?

    1. I almost feel bad about trashing this book, but it's pretty terrible. I certainly would never recommend it.

      Destined by Jessie Harrell



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