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Wherever You GoWherever You Go by Heather Davis

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

2.5 Stars

Wherever You Go is written with 3 main characters and is told from 3 different POVs. What is strange is that the story has 3 different narratives: first-person, second-person, AND third-person. POVs changed often during chapters.

I feel cheated that I didn't get any backstory on Holly and Rob's relationship. I also didn't learn much about the dynamics of Holly/Rob/Jason before Rob died. Leaving their past out of the story made it hard to care what was happening with them in the present. More information or details would have helped form that connection with the characters.

Wherever You Go tried so desperately to be heartfelt and emotional, but it was just too dull and boring. It lacks any depth of emotion that would have made it interesting. I could not make a connection with any of the characters (except for Aldo who was a secondary character). In the last 40 or so pages the pace picks up a little and I no longer had to force myself to keep reading (because I knew the end was near).

Wherever You Go is not a terrible book. It just didn't have an emotional impact on me. One good thing is that this is a stand alone book, so the ending was complete and satisfying.

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