Tune In Tuesday (1) - Civil Twilight

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I'm not a big fan of radio. I'm not into what's popular and hot right now - I really couldn't give a crap about most of the current stuff my kids listen to. My daughter has recently become obsessed with One Direction. I don't know where she got her idea to listen to the same song over and over and over until it is permanently etched into my brain.... oh wait. Huh, she got that from ME. That's what I do when I like a song or an artist. My bad.

My husband and I are going to see Civil Twilight in concert (AGAIN!) on May 5. They have a new album, Holy Weather, out and we are so excited to see them! This is their new song and video, Fire Escape.

Letters From The Sky is a beautiful song from the first Civil Twilight album. It has been featured in several movies and tv shows - and it's the final song in the movie I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore.


  1. I am a Civil Twilight fan!!! Love Letters From the Sky :) a friend of mine just saw them live a few nights ago. Said the show was amazing :)

  2. I love Letters from the Sky but I have never heard it before! Thanks for sharing this great song :)

  3. Love this band!! I'm jealous you get to go see them again!
    *new followe


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