Tune In Tuesday (19)

Tune In Tuesday is a weekly feature in which bloggers get to showcase another one of their loves, music! This feature was originally created by Ginger over at GReads!, but is now hosted at Kate’s Tales of Books and Bands.

When In Rome - "The Promise"
happy happy joy joy. This song is from (egads) 1988. I just heard this on the radio the other day, which is why I am featuring it this week. This video is classic 80's cheese, but I love the song for some reason. (The guy with Fabio hair has a lisp AND a hole in his crotch. Please save me!)

So last Monday after I found the above song on YouTube, I wanted to listen to some music that I hadn't heard for a while. I saw a link to a Cheap Trick video and I watched it. Then I just went to their channel and played a whole bunch of stuff and basically relived my youth (or at least part of it) listening to Surrender, I Want You To Want Me, Dream Police, The Flame, and my all time favorite, If You Want My Love. Fast forward to Saturday when my husband and I were hanging out watching TENNIS baby. He turns to me and says I forgot to tell you how cool American Pickers was this week (which aired on the same Monday that I had been doing my YouTube Cheap Trick marathon.) He tells me that the guys got to meet and 'pick' the guitar player for ...................... CHEAP TRICK! How crazy is that? Then I grabbed by TouchPad and showed my husband my YouTube 'history' with all the Cheap Trick videos! So I just HAD to feature them for my Tune In Tuesday today.

Cheap Trick - "If You Want My Love" 1982

Cheap Trick - "The Flame"


  1. New Found Glory did a cover of The Promise on their second 'From the Screen to Your Stereo' album and I ADORE it. I never took the time to check out the original though, but I'm liking it. Very 80's, haha, but that's a good thing in my book.

  2. Oh I LOVED that song The Promise but I never really knew the name or saw the video lol

    Cheap Trick was the soundtrack to my youth. Great picks this week :-)

  3. I am LOVING the 80's picks today! The town next to us has 80's fest every year (it's coming up in April!) so I have been gearing up for that by listening to lots of 80's music. I will have to add these songs to my playlist :)

  4. Cheap Trick!!! "I Want You to Want Me" actually is one of my favorite songs. :) And I have a weakness for cheesy '80s music in general, so thanks for sharing!


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