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Top 3 Best Books I've Read (So Far) This Year:

Something Like Normal by Trish Doller
Such a Rush by Jennifer Echols
Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry

Something Like Normal is simply amazing. I love everything that Jennifer Echols writes. And be sure to pick up a copy of Pushing The Limits when it is released on July 31. You won't be disappointed.


  1. I LOOOOVED Pushing the Limits and I'm really looking forward to reading Something Like Normal and Such A Rush.

  2. Nice! Haven't read any of those myself!

    Here's my Friday Hops

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  3. Yes!! I'm starting Pushing the Limits soon and I just got Such a Rush from a giveaway. SO EXCITED! :)

  4. Sandra, even though I've never read any of these books-yet- I certainly plan to do so! I'm really excited for Pushing the Limits especially. Always glad to meet another YA contemporary fan, hey. :)

  5. I definitely agree with you about Something Like Normal and Pushing the Limits. I haven't read Such a Rush, but I've enjoyed Echols' other books.

  6. The only one I have not read out of those three is Something Like Normal, and I really want to read it. I'm going to have to go get it soon!


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