Tune In Tuesday (11)

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Tune In Tuesday: My Teen Years Special Edition

I still listen to tons of music from the 80's, and 2 of my all-time favorites are 'Kayleigh' by Marillion and 'Crazy' by Icehouse. Both songs invoke such emotion in me and really take me back to when my best friend and I couldn't get enough of these songs. We would listen to them over and over again and watch the videos that we recorded on VHS.

The reason I love these 2 songs so much is because I love the lyrics and imagining stories that fit the lyrics. The videos are great, but I feel they are just one interpretation of the lyrics. Both songs have so many other possibilities.

The Year: 1985
Marillion - Kayleigh

Kayleigh came out at a time when we were obsessed with Steve and Kayla from Days of Our Lives (Best Couple EVER!) and I swore I was going to name my potential way way in the future daughter Kayla or Kayleigh. Ah, good times.

The Year: 1987
Icehouse - Crazy

(I'm loving Iva's mullet. And his pants - gotta love the pants.)
Of course, I have the 8 minute long extended version of this song because I love it so much. This video is based on Clint Eastwood's movie 'Play Misty For Me', but with the caller requesting the song 'Crazy' instead of 'Misty'. I love the little smile on Iva's face when he discovers she's a crazy bitch. Personally, I think she's just a little obsessed with him... in a good way. Not the crazy-gonna-kill-you way.


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