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Tune In Tuesday: My Teen Years Special Edition 1981-1986 (aka Everything you never wanted to know about Duran Duran, but learned anyway, like Roger Taylor was/is my favorite. And he's still seriously smokin' hot.) Roger is the one on the right in the 1981 photo, and on the left in the current photo.

You really want to take this trip with me? Don't say you haven't been warned.
I was born in 1968. It was about 1980 when we got this new thing called 'Cable' tv. And we were so happy that our dad decided to PAY for tv. That's right - tv used to be free. Of course we only had 6 channels, but still... Music videos were the new thing, and one of our local stations used to play them late Saturday early Sundays. So you had to stay up late to see what the bands looked like. Then there were rumors of a new tv station that would play only music videos!!! Can you imagine how excited we were when MTV debuted in August of 1981? Music videos 24 hours a day!! Yippee!

I already had the privilege of seeing 2 of Duran Duran's videos, Planet Earth and Careless Memories, and I thought the guys were so handsome! My best friend and I would obsess over them constantly. Her favorite was the bassist, John Taylor. My favorite was the drummer, Roger Taylor.

Then we heard that Duran Duran had a new video that MTV couldn't play because it had nudity in it. Who cares? Bring it on! MTV did eventually play an edited version of Girls On Film, and it's pretty tame.

Planet Earth: Don't jump Simon!!!! Oh no....

Careless Memories:

Girls On Film:

I still remember buying Duran's 2nd album, Rio. And when I say 'album', I mean the vinyl record. Cool, huh? You may know the songs 'Rio', 'Hungry Like The Wolf', and the wonderful Save A Prayer:

My best friend and I were too poor to buy Duran's 3rd album, Seven and the Ragged Tiger, when it came out. But her older brother had it, so whenever he was out of the house we would sneak into his room and get it to listen to (I mean crank it up really loud and drive her mother nuts with our fangirl squees!) The first 2 singles from the album were 'Union of the Snake' and 'New Moon on Monday', which were okay, but not our favorites.

But we did really love 'The Reflex':

Along about this time Duran's first album was re-released in the U.S. with a new single. I originally had this on cassette tape, but I don't know if it is still in my stuff or not.

'Is There Something I Should Know?':

Sadness, heartbreak, and devastation found me in early 1986 when Roger Taylor left the band. Thinking about this still makes me sad because it was the beginning of the end of my love affair with Duran Duran. I still love Duran with the original members - not so much with the wanna-be's. Nothing has ever compared to Duran Duran, and I get warm fuzzies just thinking about how much I loved them. I have so many memories tied up with their music, it's like the soundtrack to my teen years. I still listen to them all the time.

I have only loved a few songs from Duran Duran after the first few albums. 'Ordinary World' and 'Come Undone' from the 1993 album titled Duran Duran (aka The Wedding Album).

Then... THEN it's 1995 and I got my Roger back. But only for a video. Oh Happy Happy Day. However, he wouldn't rejoin the band for good until 2001.

I still have a lot of my Duran memorabilia. My daughter is recently obsessing over One Direction and hanging their posters all over her walls. I had my walls covered too back in the day, so I had to pull out some of my old posters to show off. She thinks my guys are weird and look like girls. I think her guys look like girls. I told her let's see if One Direction is still around in 31 years and still making music together....

From Duran's most recent album 'All You Need Is Now'


  1. None of my family are really into Duran Duran, but we always find ourselves singing along to their songs when they come on the radio!

  2. Yup, this band brings back memories. I was born in 1981 (the youngest in my family of many)... I remember my sisters playing their records (yes, we had them too! ha!) and dancing around. Oh such sweet memories.


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